Landowners & Industrial Clients

On-Site Generation

We are able to assist our clients to develop onshore wind energy schemes that allow them to generate their own energy for nearby use, such as industrial sites and heavy energy users, who benefit significantly from local generation due to reduced losses and security of supply.  Commonly developed in “brownfield” sites, we are able to fit in with our clients business and operating needs in order to develop a successful scheme.  This includes:

  • Site assessment including hazardous and highly constrained sites.
  • Special operational considerations such as COMAH regulated sites
  • Planning guidance and management integrated to client business
  • Project management of development, balance of plant and construction
  • Liason to major stakeholders such as network operators and regulatory bodies
  • Financing routes via green venture capital.

Existing Greenfield or Brownfield Sites

If you have an existing greenfield or brownfield site that is partially or fully developed, we are able to get involved on an ad-hoc or continual basis to plug any gaps you currently may have in your ongoing scheme.  This includes:

  • Conditions Discharge
  • Non-Material Amendments
  • Environmental Due Diligence