Community Clients

Community-scale energy projects have become very popular in recent times.  This allows pro-active local groups to develop and construct their own projects at a local level, with shared ownership and common benefit – both financially and ethically.

There are a variety of community energy scheme configurations and we are able to assist in development of wind, solar, biomass, battery energy storage and various others.

Whilst on a smaller scale to other larger generation schemes, any such scheme still requires rigorous developing and planning effort.  We are able to assist groups in a variety of ways, from initial guidance to operational aspects.  This includes as part of our regular service portfolio:

  • Site assessment
  • Planning guidance and management
  • Project management of development and construction
  • Liaison to major stakeholders such as network operators and regulatory bodies
  • Financing strategies and access to funds.

We are also available to assist with various technology solutions and operational considerations:

  • Smartgrid and metering
  • Portfolio monitoring and analysis
  • Operation and Maintenance

Each project usually is unique and we are able to take a flexible approach to assist our clients in a way which suits them.  Please Get In Touch for more information.